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Swee Hin Power Systems Pte Ltd is a solution and equipment provider in DC and backup power systems. Our product range comprises industrial batteries, rectifiers, inverters, UPS and various types of converter systems. Applications widely covered by our products and solutions are:

Key Features

  Motive power for material handling equipment and electric vehicles
  Switch-tripping and DC load backup for utilities and automation
  DC load backup for telecommunication equipment
  AC load backup for industries, IT facilities, elevators and lightings

To ensure a wide product coverage for our customers, we are a manufacturer and distributor of our proprietary branded products, as well as a distributor of imported brands. Our portfolio comprises APOLLON-DIAMOND industrial batteries and converters, DIAMOND automotive batteries, ROCKET Traction and Deep Cycle Batteries and TS PREMIUM SERIES Traction Batteries.

We were founded in 1942 in Singapore and started trading automotive and industrial batteries in the early 1950s. We began manufacturing the Emergency Battery Operated Power Supply equipment (EBOPS) for elevators in the 1970s and various DC power supply systems, such as industrial battery chargers since the 1980s. Over the years, we have expanded our product range, product development capabilities and geographical reach. Our sales and services network covers Singapore and South East Asia.

In 1994 we became one of the first providers of accessibility equipment (stairlifts, platform lifts and home lifts) in Singapore. Driven by the implementation of Singapore’s Barrier-Free Access Code, our ageing population and growth in the construction industry, this business grew rapidly in recent years. To provide better focus,
we spun-off this business in 2010 to Swee Hin Elevator Pte Ltd.

We are ISO 9002 certified since 1997. We are also registered with the Building and Construction Authority
as an approved and reputable contractor for :


Electrical Engineering ME05
L3 Financial Grade over S$4.0m

Lift & Escalator Installation ME09
L3 Financial Grade over S$4.0m

Electronics & Electrical Material Products and Components SY05
L4 Financial Graded over S$6.5m

Thank you for visiting our website! Please do not hesitate to call us at 62616688 or email md@sweehin.com.sg for further information.

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Power Systems
- Industrial Battery Charger
- Emergency Battery
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- Switch-Mode Rectifier
- UPS MPT Series
- UPS PQZ Series
- UPS for Passenger Lifts
- Inverter
- Hazardous Applications

Industrial Batteries
- Nickel Cadmium Alkaline Battery
- VRLA Battery  
- Diamond Automotive Battery

Traction Batteries
- TS (Premium Series) Traction Battery  
- Rocket Traction Battery  
- TS Traction Battery Charger  
- Rocket Deep Cycle Battery  
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