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TS (Premium Series) Traction Batteries are used extensively in heavy duty electric motive vehicles, specifically in forklift-trucks, reach-trucks, stackers, pallet-trucks, ride-on cleaning machines and other transportation vehicles.  These applications are commonly present in warehouses, logistics companies and most food processing firms.
TS (Premium Series) Traction Batteries are manufactured under highly stringent conditions which enable them to withstand harsh operational requirements.
TS (Premium Series) Traction Batteries are available in a wide range of cell sizes that meet prevailing international standards such as the DIN and BS standards.  Both welded and bolted versions are available

Key Features

  Special polyethylene separator which is thin enough to provide low internal
resistance, and yet sufficiently strong to ensure long battery life

  Tubular plates to ensure high concentration and minimum shredding of active materials
  Rugged case and cover to withstand rough handling in industrial environment
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