Industrial Battery Charger

Industrial Battery Charger

Power Systems


APOLLON-Diamond Industrial Battery Chargers are constant potential, current limiting in nature and uses thyristor technology to control output voltage and current. Our Chargers are highly customised to meet user requirements.

Microprocessors and software are frequently employed to control charging characteristics and provide remote surveillance and control. Analogue, digital, touchscreen and programmable displays provide a wide choice on instrumentation. A multitude of circuitry and external protection (such as IP ratings) can also be built in to meet various industrial requirements.


All APOLLON-Diamond Industrial Battery Chargers come with equipment-specific documentation, drawings and operation manuals. Local and international service and support includes installation, commissioning, site testing & monitoring and service contracts

Key Features

APOLLON-Diamond Industrial Battery Chargers are designed for the

Automatic float and boost charging of batteries

Charging of batteries while simultaneously supplying DC current to load

Performing switch tripping/closing functions. The equipment is widely used in power stations, petrochemical and oil & gas industries, infrastructures such as railway and airports, and in industrial instrumentation and process control applications.