UPS PQZ Series

UPS PQZ Series


UPS PQZ Series

PQZ series uses advanced PWM and IGBT inverting technology which enables precise control of all kinds of operation parameters of the UPS, thus providing a high quality and reliable AC power source for sensitive equipment.

The PQZ series provides an optimum choice for complete protection solution from micro computers to large scaled computers, from communication systems to industrial automatic control equipments.



Key Features

High performance systems

On-line double conversion with output isolation transformer

True sine wave output

Microprocessor controller

AVR design, expanded input voltage range (160vac ~ 300vac)

Inverter design using IGBT module

DC cold startup, unmanned function

LED and LCD display

System self-diagnostics

RS-232 interface

SNMP smart-card interface

External battery bank for extended backup time (0.5 ~ 2 hrs)

Remote monitoring, control and schedule power on/off (with Power Manager CD included)