Rocket Traction Battery

Rocket Traction Battery


Rocket Traction Battery

Rocket Traction Batteries are manufactured Global Battery Ltd of South Korea. Established in 1952, Global Battery is a manufacturer of premium quality lead acid batteries and the dominant battery manufacturer in South Korea.

Key Features

Die-casting Grid

The grids produced by die-casting system have an excellent advantage in cycle life of traction cell due to its anti-corrosion characteristic.

Tubular Positive Plates

Tubular type plates firmly hold active materials in right place and solve the problem of shedding once and for all, and ensure you of high capacity, strong power and minimum defect.

Rubber Bushing

Rubber bushing around terminal protects cover breakage and keeps plates safe from the external shocks and vibration.

One-Touch Vent Plug

The transparent pop-up vent plugs with acid level indication floats are used for ready indication of acid level and for easier and simpler refilling and maintenance.

Heat-Sealed Case and Cover

As the cases and covers are made of polypropylene, they are highly impact-resistant and heat-sealed for perfect leak-proof assembly.