VRLA Battery

VRLA Battery


VRLA Battery

The APOLLON-Diamond Valve Regulated Lead Acid (VRLA) battery is a rechargeable battery with safety valves, which allows the internal pressure to be released in case of an accidental overcharge. These batteries are maintenance free as there is no need for topping-up during the whole service life.

Key Features

High Performance

With low internal resistance and efficient discharge characteristics, APOLLON-Diamond VRLA batteries can be applied to many fields both in cycle and stand by use.

Maintenance free

During the service life, there is no need to check the level of the electrolyte or to add water. Gases generated during operation are nearly completely recombined, (up to 99%).


The use of a safety valve and the high efficiency of the container/lid sealing allow a safe operation in a wide field of applications.

Performance on wide temperature range

APOLLON-Diamond VRLA batteries operate within a wide range of temperatures (-15°C - +45°C) while the optimum temperature for the operation of the battery is 20°C - 25°C.

Low self-discharge rate and charge retention

Using a lead-calcium grid alloy, the self-discharge is minimum. So the battery can be stored for 12 months, under normal conditions (20°C-25°C).

Leak and spill proof / Multi-position usage

The leak-proof construction of the battery allows the perfect operation in any vertical or horizontal position (not upside-down).

Float service life

Long float service life of up to 10 years.