TS Traction Battery Charger

TS Traction Battery Charger


TS Traction Battery Charger

The TS Traction Battery Charger range is available in 400/230V 50/60Hz 3-phase input model and 230V 50/60Hz 1-phase input model. The unit is suited to the recharging needs of lead acid traction batteries.

Key Features

TS Traction Battery Chargers are designed with the following characteristics:

WA charging mode in compliance with curve in DIN 41774
Proportional gassing
WA charging mode in compliance with curve in DIN 41774
Pulsed equalising mode (36 hr)
Charging progress display
Automatic start after an 8 second delay
Thermal protection
Pre-charging model (1hr); detection system ensuring prevention of overcharging
Microprocessor controlled and multi-voltage PC Board
The system is protected by a 13 hrs security timer


The TS Traction Battery Charger comprises the following components:


High reactance power transformer with windings in electrolytic copper wire; selectable input voltage

PC Board

The operating sequence is monitored by a microcontroller


Utilises high reverse silicon diode, mounted on aluminium cooling fan


In sheet metal with powder coated, acid resistant paint finish and IP20 protection.


Off switch

The unit is automatically switched off by pushing the button. Charging cannot be resumed.

Security timer

13 hours charging if charger sequence malfunctions. Malfunctions of charging sequence are indicated by illumination of a red diode.


The state of charge can be read at any time from the front display.