INQ series Inverter use the latest IGBT technology, with special designed control circuit, capable of precisely controlling all parameters of your equipments and providing high quality and reliable AC power source for your precise equipments.





Key Features

High performance systems

True sine wave output with output isolation transformer

Microprocessor controller

Inverter design using IGBT module

Key components with redundant design for higher reliability

Intelligent battery management functions

Advanced protection system


Comprehensive Protection

Lightning and surge protection

EMI/RFI filter protection

Input over voltage protection

DC input under voltage protection

Output short circuit protection

Overload protection (150% for 3s)

Over temperature protection

User Friendly Operation

LED and LCD display

System self-diagnostics

Optional Function

Internal battery charger

SNMP smart-card interface

Remote Operation


RS-232 interface

Remote monitoring, control and schedule power on/off (with Power Manager CD included)

Support Microsoft win98/2000/NT/XP, Linux and more